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Can you believe Christmas is coming soon?! We are excited to be preparing gifts for the kids who come to our weekly Bible Club, and we want you to be able to join in!

How to Pack Your Shoebox

  1. Sign up and select what ages for whom you are planning to make shoeboxes with the "Sign up!" button above or by clicking here.
  2. Select a shoebox. Plastic bins are preferred as they can be used again for storage in the home. Please wrap the top and bottom separately. 
  3. Choose items for your selected child's gender and age and fill the box. Start with a quality "WOW" toy/item suitable for your selected child's gender and age. Then, add other fun toys, stocking stuffers, hygiene items, clothing items, and treats. Suggestions for items for each age and gender are below. 
  4. Pray! Yes, most importantly pray for the child who will receive your gift that he or she will come to know Jesus, the greatest gift ever given. You are invited to include a note to the child in the shoebox. 
  5. Securely label or write the gender and age on the bottom of the shoebox. 
  6. Deliver, by taking the wrapped, packed, and labeled shoebox to a collection location NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH. Collection locations are:
    • The Church at Brook Hills – Anytime at the Collection Spot in the back of the Foyer
    • Ambassador for Christ Church – 6428 Madrid Avenue, Birmingham, 35212 on Tuesday or Sunday Afternoons

Suggestions for Boys

  • Early Elementary – Remote Control Car, Playdough set, Lego set, Hotwheels, Crayons and Coloring Books, Stuffed Animal, Flashlight
  • Older Elementary – Lego set, Action Figures, Flashlight with batteries, Balls, Mechanical Pencils, Book, Cool Pens, Sports Watch, Nerf Anything  
  • Middle/High School – Deodorant, Sports Watch, Wallet, Belt, Gym Socks, Cologne, Earbuds, Clock Radio, Walmart gift card  
  • All ages – underwear, t-shirts, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, skittles, airheads

Suggestions for Girls

  • Early Elementary – Doll, Stuffed Animals, Crayons & Coloring Books, Hair Clips (Plastic Bow Style), Play Jewelry, Doll Accessories, Fun Socks
  • Older Elementary – Barbie, Barbie Clothes, Fingernail Polish, Jewelry, Purse, Craft Kits, Journal, Fun Socks, Lip Gloss, Lego Set
  • Middle/High School -  Perfume, Jewelry, Makeup, Makeup Bags, Fingernail Polish, Journal, Watch, Feminine Products
  • All ages – underwear, socks, toothbrush & toothpaste, candy
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