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New Building

Working @ The Treehouse

How does a house become a home? Fill it with friends, family, laughter, hard work, memories, and more. The Treehouse has become our home. Our includes Marcus (our happy friend pictured with roller in hand), Becky and Mee La (who carefully taped, trimmed, and painted the women’s fellowship room), Terri and Stephen (our Northpark Baptist friends who are electrical magicians), John and Bubba (who can rip out a toilet faster than you can say “flush”), Ellie and Josephine (our village neighbors who cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom), Kimarius and Daniel (an 11 year old from the village and his mentor who learned how to tape and mud sheetrock from Alfredo), the Hurd gang (who tackled the teen room and WON), and so, so many more. Work days became wonderful days of making this house our new home. Thank you to everyone who joined in to build The Treehouse! More work days are ahead…