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We're Wrapped up in Bible Club

For several weeks we have been talking about Jesus! We have learned who he is, why he came to earth, and what he did while he was here. Yesterday we learned about the miracle when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead! Everyone was truly amazed at what Christ did! We had a contest to see which grade could wrap up “Lazarus” the fastest and the picture is our 4th/5th grade winner. Not only are they excellent “wrappers”, but they can also tell you why we did this fun activity!

          What was also amazing about the day was how much the kids are learning about who God is. During small group time, I asked the question “How do we know that Jesus loved Lazarus?” I was expecting some of the answers I had given them during the lesson: because Jesus cried or because he was Jesus’ friend, but one student surprised me. Honestly, she was a child who has not been a model student the past few weeks and has spent quite a bit of time in time-out, but apparently she has still been listening. She raised her hand and said, “We know Jesus loved Lazarus because Jesus loves everyone.” Why didn’t I think of that!? She was absolutely right, there were many correct answers, including that God is Love.