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Books and More Books!

I love bookstores! They seem so inviting. Row after row and shelf after shelf filled with possibilities. What will I find today? When I pick up a book, excitement bubbles over the prospect of something new or nostalgia sweeps over me from adventures past. An unread book is a vault waiting to be opened; information, quests, emotions, and friends. A book complete is a picture album; people I once knew, places I once traveled, fond memories.

When you buy a book you get to take someone else on the journey with you. You can pass the book on to another reader and enjoy reminiscing together when you both have finished. You aren’t keeping the magic all to yourself.

Waiting on God’s timing to begin a tutoring program, I have become an even more voracious reader, determined that my library will have a book that captivates each and every one of the children that walk into it. I wonder which children will be tempted to read by the antics of Henry and Mudge, who will need the thrill of adventure with Percy Jackson, or who will want to be a sleuth with Cam Jansen?

You see, when you experience all sorts of places you could never have imagined, you can’t help but want to share that with others! In the same way, I daily read that there is a God who created the universe, loves everyone despite their sin, and invites them to live with him eternally if they surrender their lives to him. I know a God who loves me and I can't keep that to myself!  

And so with great anticipation, I look forward to sharing my God and my books with a group of students every Tuesday with our reading club!