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in·vest·ment noun  / in-vest-muh nt

Dictionary definition:
An act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result; the action or process of investing money for a…result; 
Oak Tree definition: 
An act of devoting time, effort, energy, or money with the people of Marks Village with the expectation that disciples will be made and God will be glorified

The best investment we can hope for is you!  Whether it is your time, your prayers, your finances, your compassion, your energy, or your knowledge, you are the asset God will use to build His kingdom in The Village.  

So go ahead, invest! It's a sure thing!


We need prayer partners! One of the ways you can invest is to commit to pray for Oak Tree Ministries and the Marks Village Community weekly. More...


We need volunteers to help with our work, including the Bible Club, the Reading Club, and the renovation of our new home. More...


We need support financially to continue the work that is going on in Mark's Village, and also to renovate our new home. More...