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This summer, we're Rockin’ the Village with a week of Bible Boot Camp, in partnership with The Church at Brook Hills and Rock the Block!

Sunday, June 5th, 2016 (3:30 - 6p) kids and families from Marks Village will enlist in God’s Army at "Fort A4C" (Ambassador for Christ Church). Then, June 6th – 9th, Monday through Thursday, new recruits will complete Basic Training to meet their Commander in Chief – Jesus! They’ll march to the truth of God’s word, stock their arsenals with weapons “not of this world”, and face the challenges of the Boot Camp Obstacle Course.

The platoons (kids) will fall in at reveille at 4 pm each afternoon and have blast working together until the taps play at 6 pm. There will be a big family dinner on the last day (Thursday) from 6 to 7p!

Fort A4C needs lieutenants and colonels to lead these privates. Cooks are needed in the mess hall. Support personnel are vital to the battle. Boot Camp Instructors are in demand. WE NEED YOU!

Consider joining ranks with your neighbors in Marks Village for a week of Boot Camp! The opportunities to serve are endless. Families and Small Groups are welcome!

Yes, I can serve!

Preparations for Boot Camp (now to JUNE 5TH)

  • Meal planning
  • Administrative needs
  • Set up on June 1st and/or 2nd

Recruitment Day/Family Fun (June 5th)

  • Booths / activities
  • Meals
  • Registration
  • Outreach – interacting with adults
  • Set up / clean up

During Boot Camp week (June 6th – 9th, all week or specific days)

  • Behind the scenes team
  • Command Post – registration & first aid
  • Platoon Leader – teacher with discipleship group
  • Platoon Assistant – assist teacher with discipleship group
  • Craft team
  • Activities team
  • Drum Core team (marching, stepping drums)
  • Basic Training team (puppeteer/actor)
  • Worship team
  • Meal team
  • Outreach team 
  • Set up / clean up team

After Boot Camp (a Saturday afternoon in June & July)

  • Walk through village to follow up with families

loaning or donating

  • Military paraphernalia for props – camo nets/trunks/cots
  • Wood scraps (for craft project)
  • Meal items for 250 – desserts/drinks/or entire meal
  • Canopy Tent(s) – any size
  • Portable fish cleaning table(s)

Meet Special Needs

  • Bugler for taps and reveille
  • Military personnel willing to share your story or instruct in military conduct
  • Stepping coach / Drum core coach / Flag core coach
  • Woodworker to assist with obstacle course construction needs

Other – want to serve but can’t find the perfect fit!

  • We can help!

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