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It's Happening!

Things are about to finally get started, and we need your prayer! Today is the first training for tutors at the Reading Club which is kicking off next week! The training starts at 2:30 this afternoon, and we'd love your prayer as the tutors get ready to read.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill the room with his counsel, so that everyone can absorb what they need to learn. Pray for each and every tutor that they can feel God's presence and joy, with confidence for the work ahead. Pray for the children with whom they will be working, that their hearts will be prepared for a love of reading and of Christ. 

It's an exciting day, and we're looking forward to the future! If you are praying tonight (or anytime as we get started), let us know via email, Facebook, or Twitter! We love to know when we're being lifted up!