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Glimpses of Rock the Village from our Volunteers

Becky's story:

"One activity all the children particularly loved was the chance to write their own prayer, tie it to a helium-filled balloon and release the balloon into the air. We explained that it was a picture of when we talk to God. One of our boys was disappointed when his balloon failed to fly. Another boy ran to grab the balloon off the ground while still clinging to his own. I assumed the worst and went to intervene. Instead, he was enthusiastically tying his floating balloon to the failing one so that his balloon could carry the other one to heaven. While he tied, I explained to both boys that this is what it means to pray for each other, that we are carrying someone else's prayers to God! It was glorious to see God provide this picture for these precious boys, but the joy was completed by having an opportunity to tell the story to their parents and see the delight on their faces. God is at work in Marks Village!"

Megan's story: 

"I was able to give a first grader a Bible. She said that she knew some of the stories, but now she could ask her parents to read them to her. She was so excited. She asked me to show her one of my favorite parts, so I turned to Isaiah 43:4, "you are precious and honored in my sight, and I love you..." She placed her little hand print craft in it as a book mark and said that she would try to memorize that verse. It was a sweet moment. I pray she grows to know all the Word has for her."