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I Lost All the Bibles!


A few weeks ago I was getting ready for Reading Club and needed to gather up our collection of Jesus Storybook Bibles. I went to the library and couldn't find a single copy. I checked the office, the kindergarten room, and the teen room. No Jesus Storybook Bibles. Where did I put them all? I brought Bubba into the hunt and we continued our circuit around the building. I finally found them in the place I should have looked first: the kids' book bins! Every single Bible was "checked out" of the library. Our Reading Buddies are choosing to read the Word of God in their free reading time! 

The Jesus Storybook Bible is beautifully done and always reminds us who the Story is really about! We would love a few more copies for our library and to send home with the kids! If you would like to help us to keep "losing Bibles" into kids' hands, please click here to send us a copy through Amazon.