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Relief is needed where there is struggle. In Marks Village poverty is trying to beat people down, but we know that God is the Defender of the weak. Relief comes in two forms.

Crisis Issues

There are some problems that need immediate help. In order to become a part of the community, we are building strong relationships with the people and families there. This means we are always working to have each others' backs. 

Through these relationships, those people can contact us when they find themselves in crisis, and we will work with our partner ministries to provide assistance. Similarly, when the ministry is in need of volunteer help, we know we can count on those relationships with Marks Village residents to come and support us. 

Chronic Issues

In an area where poverty is prevalent, many deep and long term issues can get in and ruin lives chronically. We believe that these issues are also solved through building relationships and developing community. 

We work together with those in Marks Village to support those working to recover from chronic issues in their lives by coming alongside and creating accountability relationships. We also are creating training and development classes and programs to build financial, family, and life management skills.