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A Letter to Volunteers


As an Oak Tree Staff Member, I want you to know how precious you are! Of course, you make a tremendous difference in the lives of children, teenagers, and adults every time you come to the Village. You come on days when you are tired and could easily stay home. You work selflessly, loving on those you are serving without reward.

But personally, I want you to know how much you minister to me.

I appreciate the emails that contain just a smiley face that lets me know you read my email and are excited about Reading Club tomorrow!

I appreciate the humorous response when I have sent you the wrong date three times for an event!

I appreciate you remembering to pray for our kids on the days that I forget.

I appreciate you reminding me that the gospel is the entire reason we are here.

I appreciate you answering my surveys when you really want to delete that email!

I appreciate you praying for me!

I appreciate you answering my desperate pleas for someone to read a book, lead a craft, or come early to help me set up for an event.

I appreciate you being the hands and feet of Christ to me!

~Halie Kawell