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Christmas Caroling in the Village

I love the idea of Christmas Caroling. In part, because I love to sing, but also for the beautiful mental picture it evokes. When I think of Christmas Caroling in the Village I think of a Charles Dickens' scene complete with snowy cobblestone streets, lampposts softly burning, men in top hats, and women wearing muffs singing in perfect harmony as children peek out of the upper windows of their houses. 

Yesterday, my Charles Dickens' scene was adjusted to a much more real and meaningful afternoon of caroling. It wasn't snowing, but was delightfully sunny and warmer than most days in December. There were no top hats, muffs, or perfect harmonies. And the children? They weren't peeking out of the windows (actually, that did happen at one house), but were in the center of it all! 

Many volunteers gathered at the Treehouse yesterday and were quickly joined by kids from all over the village. We set out in groups singing along the way as we caroled at the homes of widows and widowers in the Village. Necessarily we stopped at kids' homes along the way to sing to their families. Everyone seemed delighted, even the family to which we sang the very long "The Twelve Days of Christmas"!

As we walked down the street singing "Joy to the World", I had a wonderful surprise. Shortly after "the glories of his righteousness..." one of the little girls in our group ran to the back where I was walking and says "Ms. Halie, look, it's talking about righteousness!" and ran back to the front just as quickly. I knew just what she meant. Jesus is righteous and we are not, but he gave us his righteousness. She was remembering Bible Club's lesson from 6 weeks ago. 

That afternoon, the Village was not filled with the sounds of car engines, talking, gunshots, or barbecues. It was filled with the sounds of children and adults excitedly proclaiming that the Christmas Season is here! We have hope in his righteousness! There is joy to be found and peace on its way in the form of our God made man!