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"What's your name?"

Our wonderful Bible Club volunteer, Bobby, told me this story from a recent day:

Okay, so two little children came in together to Bible Club, and I began the registration process. I asked the little boy his name. I could not understand him, but finally figured out he was saying Marquis (first name). Then, I asked what grade he was in. “Kindergarten," he said. Then the little girl said, "No, he's in the second grade." I asked him, "Kindergarten or second grade?" He said, “Yes." I finally figured it out - Kindergarten. So, I then asked the little girl her name.  She said, “Marquis.” I  told her she could not be Marquis also. Then one of the other Bible Club volunteers who had overheard our conversation wisely asked the little girl, "What does the teacher call you at school?” The little girl said, "Sit down."