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Little Victories

Someone asked me the other day what ‘victories’ I had seen working in Marks Village. What was that one story that let me know that I was doing what God had sent me to do? It was a difficult question to answer. I couldn’t think of one story and certainly not one big victory. Big victories take time, they take perseverance, they take stumbles, and a few failures to make them stand out as that one memory. I don’t have that one big memory…yet. But I do have little victories, moments that I can see God working in my life and in the lives of those in Marks Village. 

This past Tuesday at Reading Club, one student read aloud for the entire DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Time without his buddy reading at all and he enjoyed it! Another student finished her work in order to be able to read a new Dora book. Yet another student sat down and read a book about Monster Cars and was able to share what he read! There were smiles and giggles. These are victories. 

One student has been having trouble with respect but had a fantastic day! I shared with my husband saying, “She had a great day! She spoke in a British accent all day, which was interesting, but such a great day!” What a fun victory!

I asked the students in Family Meeting to finish the sentence “God is…”. They said love, Spirit, savior, all-powerful, and Hero among many more! These are victories! They are learning who God is and can tell you about him